Taco Nazo Menu with Latest Prices

Taco Nazo Menu Prices

If you are here, then I’m sure you are willing to order food from Taco Nazo. Here you will find the latest Taco Nazo menu with prices.

For some, it may be a surprise but Taco Nazo is quite popular in the local California community. People there consider it as an alternative option for Mexican-styled sandwiches.

Taco Nazo’s menu includes fish tacos, burritos, combos, cocktails, sides, drinks, and beers. Furthermore, it must be noted that the Taco Nazo lunch menu and dinner are the same.

Taco Nazo Menu With Prices – 2024

This includes the list of each fish Tacos with their respective prices.

Fried Taco

You can try fried tacos, including potato, ricotta cheese, or beans. Customers can choose from 1-piece, 3-pack, 8-pack, or 20-pack.


Taco Nazo combos are available in selected locations. Customers can choose from “Any 3 Tacos” or “Any 2 Tacos” combos. In addition to that, you can also add a small cocktail or Michelada for $6.

Taco Pack

The taco pack includes fish, shrimp, Al pastor, asada, and chicken in sets of 4 tacos or 5 tacos.


Here are the prices of Taco Nazo burritos.


The Taco Nazo also offers Tortos in fish, shrimp, al pastor, asada, or chicken. They will cost you $12.49 each.

Premium Ceviche

The prices of Taco Nazo premium ceviche consist of mixed and selected items.

Seafood Cocktail

Here are the details of the Taco Nazo seafood cocktail menu, including shrimp and campechana.


The prices of side orders consist of a variety of tasty items.


Taco Nazo offers 3 types of drinks that include sodas, aguas frescas, and Mexican drinks.

Beer and Michelada

Here are two types of bears offered by Taco Nazo with their respective prices.

Note: These are estimated prices as they may vary according to the location of Taco Nazo restaurant.

Taco Naz Locations

Note: All the above locations follow the same Taco Nazo lunch hours.

Taco Nazo Food Truck Catering Service

Taco Nazo also offers food truck catering services for special events, parties, and other gatherings. Their mobile kitchen will be at your chosen destination, allowing you to enjoy your favorite items from the Taco Nazo menu.

For more details regarding Taco Nazo food truck catering service, use the following link:



Can we Customize Orders from Taco Nazo Menu?

There are various options in the Taco Nazo menu, like the combos and Taco packs, where you can select different types of items accordingly.

How To Order Food from Taco Nazo Menu Online?

Customers can order Taco Nazo online through DoorDash. They are also currently offering some discounts on online orders via DoorDash.

Does Taco Nazo offer a drive-thru Service?

Yes at some locations, like Taco Nazo El Monte, they have a drive-thru facility where customers can order food from the menu.

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